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Credit and Debt Management Videos

Video #1. Before you can eliminate debt you have to “Find your moment”.

Video #2. Teach your children financial responsibility at a young age.

Video #3. Credit cards and how the effect your credit score.

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  • Testimonial 1

    “The techniques taught in the JBM Seminar I attended showed me how to empower my teenage child to take control of his finances at an early age. Now he is in college and financially responsible with a 720 credit score! Attend this course and you will learn things you have never heard of before.”

  • Testimonial 2

    “I am amazed at the improvement of my credit score with the guidance and instruction from the seminar I attended. I watched my credit score go from 530 to over 740 in a matter of 18 months. The secrets and techniques JBM Seminars teach are relevant and ingenious.”

  • Testimonial 3

    “I attended a JBM Seminar in college with over 75 students. The skills and techniques we learned were critical to lowering our debt as struggling college students. The financial buzz on campus was very noticeable for weeks. Thanks JB!”

At JbmSeminars we conduct employee training to ensure your team has the best opportunity to be successful away from work and avoid credit and debt management distractions.

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