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 28 Oct, 2015 6-8pm cst

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Before you pay someone hundreds of dollars for a temporary credit fix, sign up for my seminars for a fraction of the cost!

Here is a list of topics discussed during both seminar series.


Credit score improvement seminar series:

The 5 fastest ways to increase your credit score

How to get a free credit report for life

Learn why 60% of people have errors on their credit report and how to dispute them

The 5 most important factors of your credit score and how they affect you

The biggest credit score myths and how they hurt you

Learn your legal rights as it pertains to your credit score and collectors

How to negotiate with creditors to improve your credit score

How a good credit score can save you up to $100,000 during your lifetime

Learn how bankruptcy affects your life and how to avoid it

Learn the biggest mistakes people make with credit cards and how it hurts their credit score

Only $19.99


Credit score improvement and Debt management seminar series:

All of the topics in the credit score improvement seminar series

The psychological aspects of debt and how they keep people living paycheck to paycheck

Learn how to save hundreds of dollars a month that you are giving away

Learn an easy technique that helped me save $100,000 in just a few years

Learn what the wealthy teach their kids that the middle class and poor usually don’t

Prepare your child now for a lifetime of financial responsibility

Learn how to start your budget (yes you must have a budget ) 

A sample budget sheet

Learn the quickest ways to eliminate debt

Only $39.99