We teach you how to take control of your finances by changing your money philosophy and lifestyle.

Improve Your Credit Score

We specialize in seminars aimed at teaching you a step by step plan to improve your credit score and at the same time eliminating debt. We guarantee realistic financial advice that achieves results. Before you pay some random company up to $2000, learn how to do it your self for a fraction of the cost.

Debt Management Training

After you attend a JBM Seminar you will understand the psychological aspects of debt that keep people living paycheck to paycheck. We also provide debt management training to corporate staff and employees. Remember when your employees are financially stable they are more productive at work.

Proper money management Philosophy and lifestyle

Our intent is to change your philosophy about money. You can earn over a million dollars a year.  If you don’t have the right philosophy about how to manage your money you will live paycheck to paycheck or worse, you will end up bankrupt.

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